Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Bought a Non SU! Stamp :0(

Yes I did, I bought a non Stampin' Up! stamp, but I am not a traitor--I promise! Last month my husband took me to a cooking class to learn to make homemade ravioli. When the instructor said the magic words that we would be using a stamp to press the ravioli, I knew I was buying another stamp for my collection. Since the class I have made lots of ravioli which takes a good chunk of time to complete, but it is fun and tasty. The photos in these pictures are of butternut squash with ricotta cheese filled ravioli in a brown butter sage sauce. I also added a mini caprese salad to make for a great meal.


  1. Holy Cow...that is the most awesome looking Ravioli I have ever seen!! WOW!!! Very cool stamping!! :)

  2. I hope you saved us some for Friday!!

  3. Yum!! And shoot, I must have missed your call when you invited me over for dinner;)