Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Stampin' Fancy Colors

This month our challenge at Stampin' Fancy Friday is to create with our favorite fancy colors.  In my home I have lots of teal tones in lots of shades so, it seemed fitting for me to create a card featuring a few of my most loved colors.

To showcase my favorite colors I made a custom background which is a loose riff on Bargello, a type of needlepoint embroidery stitch pattern.  These stitches are upright and flat sewn in a mathematical pattern to create motifs.   My spin this time is random and not "mathematical" to create a smoother and more organic display of color and pattern.

To make the background it's not too difficult.  I used Shimmery White Cardstock for this technique.

1.  Select four to five ink pads and arrange them in any desired order.  Then in a direct to paper manner swipe each ink pad across the paper.

2.  With an Aquapainter filled with water splatter water droplets all over.  Allow the paper to dry.

3.  Slice the dried paper in 1/2" strips and be sure to keep them in order.

4.  Adhere each strip in an offset/staggered pattern.  In a true Bargello pattern the pattern is very exact.  I eyeball it.

5.  Once all the strips are glued into place trim to clean up the edges.  I like to use a die to cut a fancier shape.  For this card I used the largest of the Stitched Rectangle Dies.


  1. I had to google the bargello stitch as never heard of. Pretty cool. And I love your take on this idea. Your card is simply stunning!! Plus teals are my fav too :) Thank you for sharing step-by-step xx

  2. Amazing card! Thank you for sharing the technique!!

  3. I have done bargello needlepoint, loved it, but this takes it to a whole new level!!! Thanks for the inspiration.