Sunday, May 24, 2020

It Happens

This image and classic scene from Forrest Gump sprang to my mind as I unpacked my Paper Pumpkin Kit.  Why?  The stamps in my kit were upside down and I saw a smiley face ;0)
While running across the country Forrest met a poor t-shirt salesman who wanted to put Forrest's face on a t-shirt, but he couldn't draw that well and he didn't have a camera. Just then I truck drove by and splashed Forrest with mud, so he wiped his face on a yellow t-shirt.  As he handed the t-shirt to the salesman he said "have a nice day."

We know who really designed the iconic smiley face--Harvey Ball did.   An authentic Harvey Ball smiley face is identified with narrow oval eyes, one larger than the other, and an arching smile "almost like a Mona Lisa Mouth."

Isn't it amazing how the bright yellow simple design of the smiley face has evolved into our language of emoticons today.  And then you have the evolution of emojis to personalized bitmojis and avatars. This week Facebook was flooded with countless avatars.  I too fell in the trap and made mine, but I also made this.

to Dani
to Julie

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