Friday, October 25, 2019

#TGIF235 Twin Tags

This week's challenge is not a color palette nor a technique, instead we are making tags!  So, get ready to join along for #TGIF235 because ... "tag you're it!"

At Christmastime I make a huge, I mean HUGE, stack of handmade gift tags.  My whole family comes over to the stamp area to find tags to finish off their special packages.  I think they would be happy with a roughly cut piece of wrapping paper folded in half to label their presents, but I have to give them my best right?  So, festive tags is what they get!

To make this tag pile up quickly I make a few duplicates but mostly I make twins.  I'll use the same layout and tools and just mix up the papers, stamps, punches, dies, and accessories to create new looks without totally reinventing the wheel.

Stampin a simple "to/from" on the back and these tags were done!

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