Sunday, November 27, 2016

Monday Montage #83

It's been a tasty holiday weekend and what better way to top it off than a Monday Montage Blog Hop.  I had a fun opportunity last Wednesday to design and set up a GORGEOUS kings table to seat 21 guests for a client of ours.  (I'll show you pics later)  As I left the set up I was handed an awesome tip which made me feel so appreciated.  

This coming giving season we find ourselves tipping and thanking those who serve us.  What cuter way to give a tip than in a sparkling card.  It's a perfect idea.  A pocket for the tip and a space to write a note of thanks.
to Dara
to Julie


  1. These are gorge Elizabeth! Love your projects :)

  2. I'd like the dimensions for your card and how you made it? I have 23 grandchildren, guess what their getting from their grandparents? It's so much easier to send money now than to buy gifts!