Sunday, March 8, 2015

Pretty & Simple

Check out my spring wreath!  It is quite pretty and was super simple to make.  All it is is a raffia wreath form, doilies, ribbons, and glitter.  Because I didn't want a stark white wreath, I spritzed each Tea Lace Doily with a mixture of Sahara Sand Ink Refill and 91% rubbing alcohol.  At first I tried misting the doilies with a mix of refill ink and water, but the water beaded up and dried way too slow and funky.  So, I switched to using the rubbing alcohol mixture and the result was just what I wanted.  Not to mention is dried super fast!
The process to finish the wreath was actually quite fast.  Getting to the point where I had enough doilies took a little time.  I thought five packs of doilies would cover the wreath, but I was way off.  I bought five more packs and was still off by a pack and a half.  All in all it took more than 11 packs of doilies!
The process was simple.  I wrapped each doily around my finger, added a blob of hot glue, and then tacked them one by one to the wreath form.  When I got the entire form covered I added a White Jute Ribbon, Sahara Sand 7/8" Lace Trim, White Seam Binding, and Soft Sky Seam Binding multi-looped bow.  The entire wreath glistens and sparkles as it is coated with Dazzling Diamonds Glitter.  To do this I sprayed sections of the doilies with Aqua Net Hair Spray, sprinkled on the glitter, and then sprayed the glittered area with more hair spray to really make it hold.  Here's a tip for you: put the glitter in a salt shaker to make the whole process a breeze.
From Dara
To Julie


  1. This is beautiful. Reminds me of my mothers corn husk wreath I watched her make as a child. This would make a beautiful wedding decoration.

  2. Love this idea Liz. Saw it in the picture of booth at expo. Great job!