Sunday, February 22, 2015

Leftovers and I Love 'Em

So a few weeks back I ordered the Hello Life Project Kit.  I had a blast putting it together.  When I was done I had lots of extra pieces that I put to good use.  Check out my collection of things I made incorporating the leftover bits and pieces!

When I was young my mom had funny answers to the question "what's for dinner?"  She would say things like "f and f" or "l and l."  My brother and I would ask what those were and then she'd come back with crazy quip like answers such as "leftovers and like it" or "fix it and find out."  Since then I have always liked leftovers.  Her fix it and find out dishes were always rather tasty too.
From Dara Gloden
To Julie Warnick


  1. Love, love, love Elizabeth! Love this kit and stamp set anyway & you made some uber cute stuff with the "leftovers" :)

  2. These projects are fantastic! Thanks for sharing!!