Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Colors of October Make Me Happy

I love to stamp and create things for Halloween.  There is room for smudges and crookedness and minor tweaks all because they enhance the style and appearance of what is being crafted.  Hand Stamped Sentiments has a perfect color challenge for October and these hues make me smile.  These gave me the green light to make a little something for Halloween that also includes a funky technique I have used in the past.  I call it "bleeding images."  Pretty gruesome, but perfect for the time of year.

All you do is stamp your image using a dye based ink marker or pad.  Then, spritz it with water and allow the image to bleed and wick then wait for the paper to dry completely.  Next, clean your stamp and reink with a permanent ink like Jet Black Staz On.  Align the image directly over the spritzed image and stamp again.  It's a cool effect--try it! 


  1. Ooh, I do love this technique. It's very good for the Halloween theme! Awesome card!

  2. Seriously, LOVE THIS!!! Honestly I think I love it even more because it say's BITE ME, LOL!!! I get a kick out of that each time I see it, but truly your card and all it's awesomeness is seriously spooky awesome!