Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Halloween

I thought I would share my Halloween decorated mantle in our family room.  I used a few things I have made over the last few years and a collection of old books and candles.  It came together quick and easy.  

I started with a black and burgundy feather wreath which I purchased several years ago from Target.  I layered a rosette wreath that I made that year from 2010 Stampin' Up! DSP which I can't remember the name.

I continued with the small vintage books, a few candlesticks, and then cheapy Dollar Tree glitter skulls.  I rummaged through my cupboard for any green, purple, and orange pillar candles for pops of color to frame out my black crow on a skull.  

To finish it all off I draped clunky chains, which I also found at the Dollar Tree, a couple garlands, and purple miniature lights.  The "boo" garland is one I made three years, maybe four years ago with Stampin' Up! products.

I truly love dreaming up and crafting Halloween decorations.  I have lots of them and it's so much fun to change it up each year and mix and match.  Truth be told I was looking for all the cool things I made last year because they would blend perfectly with all the Howlstooth and Scaringbone creations I made this year, but could not find them.  I'll find them next year and will have fun mixing it up a bit from this year.


  1. WOW! That is one intense display! FABULOUS!

  2. I love love love this display. Happy Halloween!

  3. Fabulous, Elizabeth! I wish I had a mantle to decorate like this. I love all of the elements. I have the most fun decorating. This year at home I'm focusing on two vignettes, so there's a great concentration of decoration in those areas and not all over. It makes it easier to change decorations too.



  4. So festive! My favorite is the orange bunting. Hope you had a fun Halloween!