Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Designer Rosette Tree

I love this whimsical Halloween tree made from the Howlstooth and Scaringbone DSP along with some First Edition DSP.  Each layer of the tree was quickly cut and folded thanks to the Designer Rosette Bigz XL Die.  The assembly of the tree was not as quick.  Not that it was hard; I just needed to keep patient.  One row at a time and starting from the bottom I used t-pins to hold the rosettes in place.  Before moving to the next tier I added plenty of low melt hot glue.  Why low melt?  Because the tree is based on a styrofoam cone.  Each tier is two lengths of the Designer Rosette glued together to form a ring; each tier gets progressively a bit shorter as the cone narrows to a point.  The finished tree is sitting on the center of a five arm candelabra and has spiders crawling up and down.

This is week #13 for the Great Pumpkin Blog Hop!  Treat yourself to checking out everybody's tricks that they are sharing--hey you too should go ahead and add your fun Halloween creation to the hop.  See you soon!

Smiles, Elizabeth

(photos taken at Santa Clara Scrapbook Expo)


  1. This is amazing! Never would have thought to do this for Halloween!

  2. I dub you, Elizabeth, the Queen of Rosettes. Seriously, who would think to do something like this? It's incredible. I love the addition of the spiders too! Thanks for taking part in The Great Pumpkin Blog Hop all these weeks. I truly appreciate you sharing your time and talents!



  3. I have been wondering what fabulous project you would be posting! It's awesome! The spiders are a nice touch too.