Friday, May 4, 2012

I Hate the Word Specimen

That's right I hate the word specimen.  It conjures up all kinds of icky bugs pinned with all their body parts spread wide open in a sterile box, tucked away in a big drawer of a science classroom that stinks of formaldehyde.  But my hate gets worse when people say "collect a specimen" for the doctor!  So, when these beautiful works of art are classified as specimen art I just cringe as my mind wanders off.  

These beauties were all made by the very talented Tami Waddell for our booth at the Scrapbook Expo.  The cool thing is many of the items she used have made the new catalog. In person the detail is absolutely exquisite!  Please excuse the photos.  With all the lighting and the glass inside the frames I was having a major glare issue.

Happy craftin, Elizabeth

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  1. Hello!!! Yeah I think it is Gross. lol
    My Husband says it means "Representative Sample" lol. They are really beauiful "Representative Samples" I have some of these frames in a bag collecting dust, I might just try to make my own. I am so glad some of the stuff from the mini carried over!! Happy Dance!! Thanks for sharing!!