Friday, October 28, 2011

Fabric Friday

How about a trio of trees made with the Holly Berry Bouquet Designer Fabrics as part of your holiday decor.  For these I cut the heart shapes using the Petal Cone Bigz L Die.  Each up-side-down heart is backed with wool felt.  The trees are based on 3/8" x 12" wooden dowels and then ever so slightly stuffed with poly fiber fill.

The wooden dowels fit perfectly in some wooden spools I found at the craft store which I think makes for pretty stinkin' cute bases.  A few buttons give a little added bit of decor, yet still allow the fabric to remain the "star of the show."  It's tricky to see in the photos that these are two sided.  Each inverted heart/row of branches includes fabric, wool felt, another layer of wool felt, and then fabric.


Happy Christmas craftin',

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