Friday, September 23, 2011

Fabric Friday

If you remember from a previous Fabric Friday post I said I was sharing some upcycled blue jean fabric projects.  Here is what I said on 8/19/11:
"For today I am sharing 'Part Three' of the old jeans that were recycled into cute things.  Last week I shared the jeans apron which was 'Part Two.'  I have yet to show 'Part One' but I promise you'll see that project too.  I am just feeling a little like George Lucas ;0)
So now in keeping with the spirit of the re-release of Star Wars, I give you "Blue Jeans, A New Use" or "Part One."

Of the three recycled jean projects this was the first thing I made--a blue jeans bag.  I started by chopping the legs off of the pants.  I had planned to simply stitch the new bottom together, however it did not lay flat.  To correct that I picked the stitches out of the crotch seam far enough to adjust the front pieces so everything would lay flat.  It sounds complicated but it was truly only about a two minute fix.

I covered two sizes of buttons with the Flirtatious Designer Fabric from Stampin' Up! to totally jazz up the front of the bag.  More Flirtatious fabric was used to make a simple long sash for threading through the belt loops.  I covered a yard of canvas strapping with more fabric for the shoulder strap.  If you look close you'll see a single line of top stitching to anchor the inner strap in place.

Just for fun and flair I added a cute tag one of the front belt loops.  I used the stamp set called Creatively Yours which is such a great collection of images.  They are all absolutely perfect for this upcoming season with all the hand crafting.

If you enjoy looking at other hand crafted projects there are fun linking parties over at Passionately Artistic and The Shabby Nest.

Happy stitchin', Elizabeth


  1. Love that bag! I'm off to the thrift store for jeans.

  2. Adorable! I see I am not the only one who likes to paper craft AND sew.