Friday, September 16, 2011

Fabric Friday

Today's Fabric Friday features a trio of memo boards.  One of the trio showcases cork board and push pins, the second includes a pocket perfect for stashing a note pad, and the third highlights magnets on a magnet board.

Each board is based on a 12" x 12" stretched canvas.  Before covering the canvases with the Timeless Portrait Designer Fabric I wrapped batting around each canvas.  For the cork board I simply cut the cork into 5" squares, added the silver Jumbo Brads, and then hot glued the squares to the panel.

I hot glued the magnet sheet to the fabric panel and then added my very own hand made magnets.  I actually put Jumbo Brads in the clock flowers from the back side to make perfect magnets.

For the note pad board I included a pocket which I detailed with a few more of the Jumbo Brads.  My favorite thing about this board is the top stitching.  I don't usually care for top stitching, but the 1" top stitching looks cool.

Happy fabric craftin'