Friday, August 19, 2011

Fabric Friday

Welcome to another Fabric Friday!  Thanks to those who left comments last week.  Just so you know my mind is going a thousand miles a minute with some new creative project ideas with fabric all because of the comments from blog friends.

For today I am sharing "Part Three" of the old jeans that were recycled into cute things.  Last week I shared the jeans apron which was "Part Two."  I have yet to show "Part One" but I promise you'll see that project too.  I am just feeling a little like George Lucas ;0)

This purse or pouch was SUPER easy to make.  I used the bottom of one of the legs and turned in wrong side out to sew up a point to give my bag some shape.  I turned it right side out to press and wala the hem was already done.

For the focal on the bag I added Springtime Vintage Designer Fabric fluffy flowers.  I used six scallop circles cut from the smallest pieces of the Scallop Circles Bigz Die.  

How to make the fluffy flowers:

1.  Get them soaking wet with water and then wring them out.
2.  Distress and scruff up the damp pieces on a terry cloth towel.
3.  Spray the distressed pieces with spray starch.
4.  Scrunch them up one last time and place on a cookie sheet.
5.  If it is sunny and warm outside put the tray in the sun to dry.  Or, you can place the tray in a 200 degree oven for 6-7 minutes.

To form the flowers:

1.  Fold four of the pieces in half and layer them on top of each other turning each layer 90 degress.
2.  Stitch or hot glue the layers in place.
3.  Fold two pieces in quarters and layer on top of the first four pieces in a "bow tie" form.  (In other words, think of a clock and the first one will be arranged at 12:00 and the other toward 6:00).  These two pieces should overlap by about 1/4".
4.  Stitch or hot glue these layers in place.
5.  Add a button to the center.

To finish the bag/purse/pouch add a long strip of wide ribbon.  For a special touch I included a few coordinating buttons to each ribbon attachment point.

Make one for yourself.  Think about the possibilities of using this for decor.  It could hang and be the perfect place for mail or a small potted plant.  

Happy craftin, Elizabeth


  1. OMG! I wish you could see me right now! I am just smiling ear to ear! This is so darn cute! That's it! I must get a sewing machine! Thanks for sharing all of your wonderfully creative ideas! And I love that you recycled too!

  2. I love this project Elizabeth! And, you make it sound like it is simple. Hmmm..... now do I raid my closet for a pair of jeans to cut up, or someone else's?