Sunday, March 6, 2011

Doin' Christmas Stuff

Yes, I know it is March, but this past week included Christmas shopping, wrapping of gifts, and heading to the post office to mail them off. Tuesday I went to a showroom to do the last of our holiday purchasing for Christmas 2011. It is a bit crazy but the buying starts right around the New Year. On Monday I finally mailed a box of Christmas presents to my brother's family.
In the box I enclosed a "very merry" St. Patrick's Day card.  Just a simple and quick card which carried out my color palette that I used for their gift tags.  Inside the card I included a bit of poetry.  I should probably leave the prose to the pros.  This is how it went. (It's better if you read it with an Irish accent.  Just think Lucky Charms tv commercials).
I know that Christmas has come and past,
for all us Price's it flew by too fast.
Have the season with you after twelve twenty-five,
with presents for each of you to keep the spirit alive.
Why not celebrate another green holiday,
with well wishes of good luck the old Irish way.
We hope your day includes bag-pipes and corned beef,
rainbows not reindeer and four clovers of leaf.
So Merry Christmas this March seventeen,
you Salisbury's we'll party by wearin' some green.
It is a long standing tradition in our family to add fun and fancy bows to presents.  We use wire edged ribbon for everything.  A long long time ago my mom sent off a box to my brother and included a note to "fluff the bows."  Ever since then the kids love to open the box, fluff all the bows on the presents, and then arrange them under the tree.  Well these were not fancy gifts and the tree is dead and gone, but none the less I hope they fluffed their bows.  I used all Stampin' Up! supplies for the gift tags and card to make the everything tie together for a fun presence to their present.

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  1. You are so funny! I'll look forward to our "green" Christmas! Love all the things you make.