Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Price is Right

It has all been about Christmas for the past few months which is a great thing, but I am in the mood to stamp and create projects that are not red and green or cherry and artichoke.  Where I live there are still trees dropping their fall leaves and right next to those trees are trees with budding blossoms, go figure.  To really put a spin on that, it's raining and super windy.  So, is it fall, winter, or spring?  With that in mind I am in the mood to bust out bright and cheery colors of spring.

I love the color palette and layout of this card.  It is soft and bright at the same time.  I do not normally mix designer series papers, but in this case I did.  A small piece of Greenhouse Gala is layered over a textured piece of Newsprint.  Not only have I used two different packs of dsp, but I also used three different Big Shot products.  Now that I look at the card I used three stamps sets.  How much did this card cost to make?  We should make this a guessing game.  Who can be the first to give the correct US price is the winner of a brand new car(d)!!!  Leave a guess in the comments.


  1. Beautiful card, Elizabeth! Putting aside the fact that the Big Shots and stamp sets can be used multiple times so the price should be amortized (LOL--it's how we justify it right?!?), I'm going to guess $135! :)

  2. OK, so my guess is $275, but I still can't figure out how you did the awesome background on the Blushing Bride piece (also, which I know is textured cardstock, but I only figured in the price for regular) - But as you know it's better to guess just a little low, because on the real Price is Right, if you go over it's done! So, under is good - and I Love this card!

    You're the bomb Liz!!