Wednesday, September 1, 2010

TP Trick or Treat Tube Tutorial

It is so much easier to photo the steps of a project than it is to write a whole bunch of words down. So, I will give just a few details here and there and I think you will get the idea of how I made my TP Trick or Treat Tubes.

1. Cut dsp 4.5" x 6" (Cottonelle tubes are only 4"), punch short edge with a scallop boarder punch and then adhere to tp tube.

2. Cut strips of waffle paper and the ruffle and glue into each end of the tube.

3. Punch four 2 3/8" scallop circles; two from dsp and two from cardstock. Glue a scallop from dsp to a cardstock piece and repeat.
4. Glue one of the layered scallops to the bottom of the tube being sure to flair the waffle paper to the outside. For the top, add two pieces of sticky strip to the upper inside edge on opposite sides.

5. Attach a 6" piece of ribbon to the inside edge of the top using Sticky Strip. Punch two small holes in the second layered scallop and thread onto the ribbon, running the ribbon up and then back down and through so you can attach the opposite end of the ribbon to the inner edge of the top.

6. Cut a strip of dsp 1" x 5.5" and scallop boarder punch the long edge.

7. Glue the punched strip to the inside of top edge to cover the rough edges of the waffle paper and ribbon ends. (This is where I normally say "hide your mechanics")
8. Punch six 1 3/8" circles and layer them with glue to create a weight and stability layer for the inside of the scallop lid.
9. Slide top scallop down the ribbon to close the holder and decorate with a layered stack of a star and circles. A bling on the very top for good reasons. :0)

10. Have fun decorating the front.


  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this awesome visual tutorial for us all to enjoy-love it Elizabeth!! TOODLES!!-Angela