Monday, September 6, 2010

Help Me!

So get this. I do a lot of custom hand made guest placecards, menus, and table numbers for weddings. As I was going through my event files for the next few weeks I found that I have to do 656 guest placecards, 37 table numbers, and 1 extra large seating chart. That amount of work is usually not a problem if it were spread out over the next few weekends, but they are ALL for Saturday, October 2nd. I am in serious need of help so, Julie B. and Courtney B. I am hoping you're near by that week :0)

The photo I have included today is of a small wedding we did last fall. I used the Table Setting XL Bigz die and the small oval punch to create these simple placecards. We sliced the small red pears to display each card. Super simple yet super sophisticated. I will be doing something similar to this for 130 of the 656 placecards for Oct. 2nd.


  1. What a lovely idea... very effective. What a big job... 656 placecards!

  2. What were you thinking?? LOL Seriously good luck if I was I would help you as long as you let me watch SYTYCD!

  3. I can help too, just let me know!!