Friday, August 27, 2010

Collecting TP Tubes

My friend Darnell knew I was making Halloween ornaments and the other day on my desk at work I had a bag waiting for me. It was filled with empty toilet paper rolls. She is so funny, she said that the rolls were from just one day. It was a lot! So, now I can make more tricky treat holder ornaments to complement the one I have posted in today's post.

I plan to hang my ornaments in my family room. I have a mirror over my mantle where I like to weave in branches as a structure that I can use to create different options for fall decor. From them I hang different ornaments I have made. Last year I made these which I will bring out and use again this year. And check these out that I made using a great set of rub ons.

I do have to say I am not a Halloween junkie, I have just been getting ready for a presentation and why not show what I have been creating. I am all about dual purposes for things :0)


  1. Ahhk! I love these! I really like how you put the oval layer under the circle 31st layer-gonna have to try it-I love how these turned out!!

  2. Toilet tissue rolls??! How clever. They really turned out cute. I would love to make some as treat containers for co-workers. Did not find details on the blog -- looks like inside was lined, how did you do that?

  3. These are so cute and yet some great recycling going on!