Sunday, March 5, 2017

Envelope Punch Board Rick Rack

For this Monday Montage Blog Hop and I sharing part II of my baskets post.  Earlier today I posted part I.  So, now it's time to let you see another basket and how to make paper rick rack using an Envelope Punch Board.
In a post earlier today I shared some Easter themed bag/baskets with rick rack handles.  I mentioned in that post that I would share how I make them using an Envelope Punch Board.  Scroll down for a quick tutorial.
Here's how to make the rick rack handle:
 1" x 11" strip of card stock or DSP and punch at 5", 4", 3", 2", and 1"
Place the the edge of the card stock in the middle of the punch and punch.  Complete the same long edge by rotating the strip to finish by punching on the same measurements as before.
Now you're ready to scallop the opposite edge.  Align the points of the scallops evenly in the middle of the punch (yes eye ball this) and continue all the way down the strip.  You will notice that as you punch this side the points of the scallop of the first edge will line up with 1/2" increment marks.

Enjoy your next stop with Julie.  Or, maybe you're clicking back to Dara, so have fun.
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  1. These.projects.are.adorable!!!! Love them all!

  2. Hello!
    I love the little box. Do you have a tutorial on it?
    Thank You!