Saturday, December 22, 2012

Neighbor Gifts

Last night we had a fun time delivering gifts to our friends.  We had a couple fun inpromptu visits which were a total blast.  After, we hit Super Taqueria for dinner--I love a great taco!

For my homemade raspberry-pear jam I jazzed up the lid with a few bells.  I had to copy Connie Collins because I just loved her bell and tag additions to her jars.  You can see them if you click here.


  1. Yum! Raspberry-pear jam sounds delicious. Raspberry is my favorite. I love the fabric and addition of bells to the jar. I like baking banana or chocolate chip-pumpkin bread for my neighbors, delivering it while it's still warm! I've actually had neighbors ask for a second loaf before they ate the first one so fast. lol

    Hope you and yours are enjoying a very Merry Christmas!



  2. This turned out super cute. Thanks for the shout out! Hugs!