Sunday, September 28, 2014

Envelope Punch Board is a Must Have Tool

I cannot believe how many fabulous tricks and techniques you can do with the Envelope Punch Board.  Not only can you make envelopes in a bazillion sizes, but you can make boxes, pouches, bows, rick rack, zig zag edges and more and more!  (I just made some bag boxes that are a new spin on an old pattern using the Punch Board.  I will be showing those in a few days).  For now check out these cuties.
I saw this fabulous pouch on Pinterest made by Diane Barnes.  She has a super handy tutorial on her blog on which I based my tutorial.  Below you can see my list of steps to make your very own pouches.  A bit different from Diane's tutorial, I added a few scoring steps in my instructions to make the gussets and top fold.  I really put the Punch Board to the test as I wanted to make the entire pouch without getting out any other tool.  Besides a pair of scissors I succeeded. These little treats are the perfect size for Ghirardelli chocolate squares, gift cards, or any small present.
· Cut a 6” x 6” piece of card stock or DSP.
· Side One: punch and score at 2 ¼”, score at 2 ¾”, punch and score at 3 ¼”.
· Side Two: line up first score from the left edge with the ‘score guide’ then punch and score.  Next, line up the third score with score guide and punch but DO NOT SCORE.
· Side Three: same as “side one.”
· Side Four: line up first score from the left edge with the ‘score guide’ then punch and score.  Next, line up second score with score guide and SCORE ONLY, last line up the third score with score guide and punch.  This will form the top of the pouch.
· Round all points with the corner rounder.
· Using paper snips cut out all the inner corners.
· Accordion fold on the “side one” and “side three” sides, align flaps to form front of pouch and adhere.
· Fold “side two” up and adhere.
· Fold the scores of “side four” inward to form top flap closure.
From Dara Gloden
To Julie Warnick


  1. Oh! I love these! I think I might have to make some of my own!

  2. So super cute!!! These are a must make for me this upcoming holiday season!

  3. Woo hoo! I adore these pouches! Thanks for the fabulous instructions!

  4. Your pouches turned out really cute, Elizabeth. Glad you liked my project. I wish the Ghirardelli chocs were easier to find in Aus as they're a favourite of mine too.
    Inky wishes, Di

  5. such good instruction AND an adorable project!

  6. Fabulous! I love the envelopes ! I have been looking for a Gusset envelopes uk that can be used several times.